Thursday, February 07, 2008

diet&gym diary part1

yknow how i've always wanted to be thin and eat healthily, yet it hasnt been achieved for so long since robbie williams was still a member of take that.
i'd always lose my motivation.
but just recently, d company i worked in has been willing to help giving me a push, by presenting a med check up result (d result was not good).
that piece of paper says 'exercise!!!' and there's another paper saying what foods to avoid.

ok, so i'm 158cm tall and 50kg in weight.
d instructor at d gym claimed i need to get my butt to d gym at least 3x/wk (that's a LOT) and lose weight around 2kg (eeeekkkk!!! nobody has EVER told me to lose weight straight to ma face!).
i really am sorry for taking that blood test.
ohh... and my fat content is 25%, which is still ok (good grief).
my cholesterol is above avg soooo i need to cut down on fried foods (not possible) and crab meat ( no way)

eniweiiiii, i'm gonna put it in ma blog so that i wud either be embarassed or be motivated=ppp

this is my weakness. i cant diet. period.
and what's ironic is that my main squeeze needs to GAIN weight, so when he's eating, i'm eating.(sigh)
but when he's not eating, i forced him to. =)))
good thing i dont like rice, so i dont eat rice most of d days.
also been eating fruits n yoghurts for breakfast , most of the times.
mmm what else?
ok, today, 8th Feb, i ate apple n yoghurt for breakfast.
then i had gado2 for lunch PLUS a couple of gorengan (just a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit) and krupuk (my biggest weakness)

i did pilates this morning. already went 3x to d gym this week.
that's quite good, eh?

me plannin to seek help from an acupunture doc. maybe it'll stop myself from having second servings or pigging out all over =ppp

1st week is this week.
result : aching body, still 50kg

d year 2008 - YTD

it's gonna be a year to be remembered, i tell ya.
well, for me, at least.
nooo, not bcoz britney got herself into rehab again (will people remember her in the future?).
and definitely not bcoz heath ledger was found dead, butt naked (too bad he's gone, tho)

the opening of the year was quite exciting!
1)went to prambors bdg for an on air promo of 'Dateless' (great experience!!)
2)got to meet d editor of jkt post (soooo exciting)
3)will finally perform the oh-so-difficult-yet-beautiful condong dance this weekend

other things...emmm..still a secret, hohoho.
one thing that is no secret is that my cholesterol level is above average! eek!!
d med check up result kinda gimme a slap in d face.
ok, i know since a long time ago that i need to lose some excess baggage from my bulging tummy.
but cholesterol?? what is THAT?
now i have to be VERY SERIOUS in doing my food combining thing ( why do i feel so hungry all of a sudden?)
and EXTRA MORE SERIOUS in going to d gym (ugh... feelin tired already!)

other thing that i need to get serious on is my WORK.
i need to get myself together! everyday is a battle and i feel like GI Jane trying to rescue myself from these bombing works.

my resolution for this year is to see things from a positive light.
sooo... i am trying to do that. just be calm, or have a go-to-hell attitude.

another thing that i'm excited about is my beau (or boo, as Jay Z wud have said it)
he gives me some kind of peace and calmness- and a reason to go home early +)

ohhhh it's raining heavily rite now...
gosh, i hope there wont be another flood going on.
hate to be stucked in traffic jam bcoz of it.

i'm thinking of writing something like 'a girl on a budget' right here in ma blog.
since i luuurve to get cheap but chic stuffs, why not share it to ya all??
we can all have a really great look with less cash!! woohoo!
oh, and maybe i'll put some writings about my trip to beijing.
cant upload photos from d office tho (sucks)


Monday, December 10, 2007

Dateless - my new book!!!

finally.... the time has come...
and that time is N.O.W
my third book has been printed and is ready to be distributed and displayed on shelves!!!!
it's coming to all gunung agung book stores in jabotabek + jabar, and to all indo maret all over jabotabek
(so no excuse if u r too lazy 2 go 2 d mall. just go 2 ur nearest indomaret!!!!)
it will reach gramedia as well but in march 08 (too long. just go to gn agung/indo maret)
ya Allah thank you so much for i've been waiting for this moment for so long! hopefully my Jombless readers would simply LOVE it, as this book is another joyful adventure of my wonderful character : AMEL
if you have read Jombless, u know how exciting, fun and hillarious Amel was when she was desperately looking for a job. Now, in Dateless, an even more exciting, fun and hillarious side of Amel when she's terribly desperate looking for a boyfriend through a series of incredibly funny, annoying and unforgettable dates!
and for you who have not read Jombless, no worries! u can also read Dateless with ease as it is a different story from Jombless (but it wud be great if u read all Amel's delightful attempt to achieve her goals in life =))
so what are u waiting for?
go get it and tell me what you think about this book to my email
looking forward to hear you all!
ps: i will inform when i have a book promo so every1 can come!!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

cinta vs cocok

i seriously think i should write this down
bcoz i feel obligated to do so (taelaa)
i told tasha about this, and she immediately recognise where she's at

i read an email from cosmo mailing list, and it's quite good to read.
ok, i lied.
it's a very good read, coz it gave me some kind of an enlightening =)) and an understanding of what i've been trying to understand (ribet amat ya nulisnya..)

it was called "cinta vs cocok"
honestly, i dont remember the details, and i dunno why, somehow i deleted the email !!
the point is...
the metaphor for this, is...
a house...or home.

example :
i love spacious homes, with large windows spreading from side to side, along with olympic size swimming pool plus a beautiful big garden with tulips from here to there.
but, i dont FIT in this kind of homes. WHY?
bcoz, i dont like to take care of tulips (gardening is not my thing), i just like looking at them. and i dont like cleaning my own drawer, let alone a big house!
if, somehow, i get this dream home, i may not take care of it well, unless i put xxxtra effort to hire a gardener, maid, etc... these xxxtra helpers may drag me down ( high cost, labor issue, etc).
in the end, i may be unhappy bcoz of the many things to do to maintain this big house. and, i would not like that house as much as i did in the first place, coz i have a LOT to think of just to take care of it.

for a lazy girl like me, the best pick would probably be a small yet stylish home, or an apartment. it's not big, yet it's comfy. i may not have a tulip garden to go with it, but i would feel happy to live there as it is less hassle. it's a place i look forward to come home to, after a long day of workin. u get my point? (nooooo...)

the point isssss....
sometimes what we love, isnt exactly the right thing for us.
i looove cold drinks, but they're not good for my asthma
i looooove bingeing on chips, but they're not good for my diet
now u get what i mean?

the story made sense to me
one of the mistakes that i always did was thinking,'things will work out'
n d brutal fact is, it never did
it got worse and it's tiring

no, i'm not saying that you should get what fits you rather than get what you love.
hell, noooo....
i'm saying that, you have to be realistic, in some ways.
sometimes we are blinded by things we want to get
posh cars, big houses, fancy things...
we should always ask ourselves:
do I really need that?
can I maintain that?
do these things make me happy in the long run?
if mostly NO, then go get yourself a nice small car and a nice small house =))

Thursday, November 01, 2007


well well...apparently i have a lot to write today =)

somehow, when i was peeling my almost expired mangga in the pantry, i remembered how my mom used to do that when i was little. my siblings and I usually waited for the 'pelok' (i dont know the bahasa word for it, let alone the english!) coz we thought it has the most chunk of sweetness compare to the ones cut in pieces.

then..somehow some old memories came to my mind.

my first was electric youth by debbie gibson! geez.. it was a gift from my sis. i remember saying 'this is not as expensive as the bday gift i gave u!!!' which was very rude, hahaa.. n my sis said,'klo liat kado jgn dr harganyaaaa - which means: dont judge a book by its cover, you ungrateful b*t*h!'

my first was kylie minogue's! OMG! why d hell did i get that? guess i was a bit locco hearin d locomotion =ppp and yknw what, the first live concert i saw was kylie minogue's!!! good grief~~ well, it was a few years later after i got my first cd. so when i went to the live performance, she was already singin 'better the devil you know'. so it wasnt that crappy... i think =)) now i regret why i didnt go to stevie wonders' concert, it was supposed to be my first encounter with an int'l star!!! but at 8, i guess staying home n watchin snoopy comes home was the best bet (i cant believe i let the ticket went off to my sis' friend!).

another thing that i regret was not going to Oz with my parents in 95. why? bcoz at that time, i thot participating in the school's music fest was the best thing ever! in which of course, i later found out, it wasnt beneficial for me, at all. geeeeeeeeeeezzz... now i dont know when i'd visit the koalas unless i really have extra $$$ just to hop in to the plane.

i remember ...when NKOTB was the hype and i had a HUGE crush on Jordan Knight!! i thot i was going to marry this guy, for sure! i didnt know how, but i was certain! i spent my savings just to get my hands on his pics on the mags, books, bags, cd, laser discs (yeaaa... that huge version of DVD =pp), e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. it was the first and the last celeb that got me obsessed. nowadays, i'm smart enough to spend my $$ on something more valuable... like clothings and shoes =pp

i remember mom used to buy me these expensive children clothes, branded Bambino. the price was about HK$2000 for three items! (currently 1 HK$ = Rp1120) that was the most posh clothes i ever had... up till now. i dont know why my mom bought it. but hey, at least i can say i used to have that kind of clothes =)))

i also remember... my mom used to have this fur coat. the color was grey. i remember thinking it was an odd coat, coz it looked huge and heavy but felt soft and comfy. not really sure whether it's genuine or faux fur. not really sure where it is now! hey, maybe she still keeps it? for old time sake? maybe i can wear it... in the name of fashion.

i remember... when i was little, my dad used to take me to his office. my favorite was his office in HK. it was a spacious room, had a set of sofa, had wide windows from side to side, looking over the HK starferry harbour, and you could see boats, ferries, crossing over from HK to Kowloon. it was a great view. i dont know why my dad took me to his office quite often. and i dont know why at that time i was never bored hanging around in an office (unlike now, hohoho)

another memory about my dad.. when i was already in bandung, i sent him a bday card, with a comic that i drew on it. turned out, my dad liked it and my mom told me he brought it to the office and showed it to everyone =) which reminds me... good thing i went to UNPAD coz the tuition fee was cheap, hence my dad was able to stay home and enjoy his retirement (no need to work for xtra $$).

oh well, it's already 6.30 now. i better go home and sleep!!! =)

hEy mR DeEJaY

what's up with all those songs u hear on the radio ?

it's a wonder how they can relate to your current situation.. or maybe it's just me who keeps finding similarities out of it?

i bet everyone has his/her moment when you turn on the radio and then a song pops out, and somehow at that time, you can hear so clearly what the lyrics are... and you think ,"wait a second! this song speaks for me!!! i'm sooo feeling it rite now!!!" and you wonder how does the deejay know how you are now?

for me, it wasnt just a song... there were many! every song that came out was somehow related to me!! hebat nih si JakFM,

tp bener deh, some songs that i usually dont like, suddenly caught my attention as the lyrics were somehow describing what i'm going through recently...

i think thursday mornings in JakFM are packed with lovey dovey songs...but this morning is slightly different than the previous ones...coz as i said earlier, somehow they're playing a drama of my life with those songs! Geeezz..

apart from a quiz about beyonce's song- for which i thot the prize was a free entry to her concert and turned out it wasnt!!! - others played this morning were mostly sad songs. yknow, even beyonce's dejavu sounded sad all of a sudden (yes i remember the video with her dancin like simba in the wild, but still..)..or maybe i was sad cos i didnt get that freakin buy 1 get 1 beyonce live in concert ( ooohhh... why is it soooo da*n expensive???)

anyways, some people have their own fave love songs. i remember my sis lovin daniel beddingfield's 'if you're not the one' like crazy. at that time, d song was a serious hit. i have to say it got boring after hearing it 3 times every hour. and just when i was thinking about it, that song came out this morning!!! zzzzzzzzzz.... that radio can read my mind, i tell ya! only this time, i feel (again) the song was played for me... (ge er mode ON) and i remember my wawa sayin the lyrics were so beautiful. when she said that, i was like "yeah rite (eyes rolling)". but after a few years, this morning to be exact, i realised that... she's rite (kmane ajeeee...).

i have my own fave love songs (i prefer listening to RnB, but i also have that gimme-ma-kleenex moment). i think i have a lot. there's this song from brian mcknight, one last cry. everytime i hear it, i feel sad. not really bcoz of the lyrics, but bcoz of brian's heartbreaking!ckckckk.... but my most fave is a song from carpenters ('s so ancient!!).. i dunno the title,it goes something like " why do birds.. suddenly appear.. everytime u r near.." is it 'close to u'? ya pokoknya itu lah... there are some newer versions, but i only like the carpenters' one. it's in the voice, really... well the melody is also great, kind of like a song you would hear while riding a bicycle by a lake in the park on a bright summer day with flowers around. it's a very simple song, yet it's so perfect...

hoaaahhhmm.... i feel sleepy... maybe it's bcoz of hearing those love songs...Zzzz

Thursday, September 27, 2007

dReAm a li'l dReaM

i dunno why i sleep a lot these days

lagi seneng : tidurrr

deg2an : tidur

stress : tidur

gimana iniiii ? life feels like a bunch of slumber party (a party of one, that is =))

blum lagi mimpi yg suka nda jelas gitu
pernah ga, punya mimpi yg sama sejak 10 taun yg lalu??

gw ada tuhh
mimpinya itu gw ada di sebuah rumah yg..entah knp...
rumah itu soooo familiar.. klo dlm mimpi itu, that house is my house
n selama di rumah itu, gw udah tau ruang makan dimana, kamar gw dimana, dll
seinget gw, dr jaman smp udah mimpi ini
dan tiap taun kayanya dateng lagi tuh mimpi
kenapa yaaa
ada gak ya org yg bisa menganalisa mimpi???
pls gimme a call!

ada lg mimpi yg anehh
yaitu mimpi lagi mimpi ! (???)
jadi di dalam mimpi itu, gw mimpi....
udah bbrp kali juga tuh
dan suka kaget sendiri gitu
jadi misalnya gw lagi mimpi dikejer-kejer orang
trus gw bangun..'oh..cuma mimpi...'
then, tau-tau gw lari-lari lagi
trus...bangun lagi! tapi kali ini bangun beneran!
jd bangun yg pertama itu sbtlnya masih mimpi!
mimpi dalam mimpi...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

kok gw jd dpt ide!! ting ting ting!!!*bohlam nyala kedip kedip
kan ceritanya gw lg bikin nama-nama karakter...
klo namanya mimpi lucu juga kali yah

back to mimpi mimpi
klo itu kan mimpi di bawah alam sadar
klo mimpi2 yg diniatin, namanya apa, ngelamun ya
heyy, that's what i do BEST
what can i say
i live in lala land =)
escape from reality madness!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

ehem eheeemmmm

i started this week with a sore throat

ok, so my mom has a point when she said
'anything cold/refrigerated is your enemeeeeeehhhh....'
and of corz being a normal daughter that i am, i didnt listen to her as always
but i have to admit the effect is somewhat suffering now
yesss i cud hear my mom sayin 'i told u soooo....'
with a glee on her face, chasing me with a handful of vick's vapourub that smells like burnt mentol
(no, i dont like mentol)

and when i got back to my heavenly limited-space-rented room
i freely munched on a cold apple
thinking 'ha ha, i can eat whatever maaaaahhh'
then finding myself feelin a bit sore in the wee morning
and it went worse after sunlight
ahhhh what a perrrfect way to start a Monday!

so here i am
feelin a bit weak and desperately longing for water to run through my throat
lookin at the clock, ticking... hoping it wud magically be maghrib time in an instant
and realise it's still one hour away...
what shud i do???

i'm sorry, what's that? work, u say?
hell, no!
work does not get my mind off my painful tickling on my throat here
maybe i shud try something
sounds interesting...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

d list

a few days ago, i had an interesting and fun chat with one of my dear colleague at d off...
she's a very straight forward kind of person and truly honest.
i admire her for that, as not many ppl are like that
oh, and she's also very funny =)

some memorable quotable quotes from her:

"when you're over 30, you dont really want to get married"

"there are only 2 types of guys in this world. gay and bastard"

"why would you settle for less, when you have been living a good life on your own?"

"why would you sincerely be willing to share the electricity bills with your spouse when you usually just think about gucci bags?"

"hey, cowo! ehh...miskin??? ehhh cowok kaya! gay??? "

i truly find her very sarcastically hillarious... she's amazingly open about what she wants =)
well, at least she knows what she wants
unlike some people...
people like me, for instance
hell, i cant even think of a type of guy that i like
yes of course justin timberlake is somewhat close to perfection
but cmon, he doesnt live nearby
so let's be realistic
(unless if he lives around d neighbourhood....oh, stop it!)